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All you need to know about social security disability benefits 

If you are disabled, you might face serious financial problems for yourself and for people who are dependent on you. This can happen with anyone, temporarily or permanently. Therefore, if you have suffered from a recent illness or an injury due to which you had to leave your work, either you apply for the social security disability benefits or go for the compensation claims with your insurance company.

What are social security disability benefits?

These are the monthly payments that you receive through which you can support yourself and your family members when you become disabled. There are two programs through which you can get disability benefits. One is Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI and the other one is Supplemental Security Income, SSI. 

SSDI provides a monthly benefit to disabled people who cannot work for a year or longer. But to qualify for this program, you must have paid a good amount of social security tax on your income in the past. Under SSI, anyone with a minor disability can get the benefits, whether an adult or a child.

How to know if you are eligible for social security disability benefits?

To get the benefits, you should have a disability that comes under the Social Security Administration’s, SSA’s definition of disability. Some of the disabilities under SSA include bone marrow failure, cancer, heart failure, IBS, schizophrenia, etc. 

What is the process that you need to follow to apply for social security disability benefits?

You can apply for the benefits in person, over a phone call or online. Here, you shall be asked to provide certain information about your family members, health and your work.

What is the maximum amount you can get under social security disability benefits?

Under SSDI, you can get a maximum of $3345 and under SSI, you can receive a maximum amount of $841 per month.

What is the age limit to qualify for the social security disability benefit?

At present, anyone between the age of 18 to 65 can get benefits under SSDI and for SSI, the age limit is from birth to the age of 65.

Is the benefit given under social security disability taxable?

If the sum of half of the benefit under SSDI that you got and your other sources of income exceeds $25,000, you might be taxed. However, the benefits given under SSI are not taxable under any circumstance.

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