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Three Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

Craft beer is more expensive than mass-produced and manufactured beer. So you may ask yourself: why buy craft beer? To most beer consumers, craft beer just tastes better. You will see them order a large craft beer at a bar or spend a few extra dollars in the beer aisle picking their favourite flavour. Mastering and creating a craft beer is an art. Many people appreciate the robust flavours while others simply appreciate the art form. Here are three reasons why you should buy craft beer.

  1. Get a Better Product

Craft beer companies are more honest than large manufacturer breweries. Although this may seem daft, it is true. Craft beer companies are more honest when telling their buyers who makes the beer. Many large beer manufacturers produce their beer elsewhere and import it back to the country. You are not buying locally. Craft beer companies are fighting with the “big dogs” and carefully work to design the perfect brew paired with the perfect marketing scheme. They invest more time in their beer. You can taste the difference. Large manufacturer beers often taste watered down, while craft beers are rich and flavourful.

  1. Support Australians and Small Businesses

When you buy craft beer, you are supporting a local craft beer brewery. Small businesses struggle to compete with large players. These large players have stock and produce beer across the world. Do you know if your beer was produced locally or in a foreign country? Mass-produced beer companies often have their manufacturing companies outside Australia; this means you are supporting jobs outside your community. Buying local craft beer or visiting a local brewery will keep your money in Australian pockets. You will be contributing to the local economy rather than foreign affairs. Local breweries use local ingredients.

  1. Start a Conversation

When you drink a big brewery company’s beer, how many beers does it take you to start a conversation? If you are an introvert with tolerance, it may take three to five beers to give you the same lubricated effect as a craft beer. Once you start talking, what do you talk about? There is not much of a conversation to be had over a basic beer. Craft beer will help you start a conversation. Craft beer labels are more intricate and their flavours are more involved. You can strike a conversation over a label or the new brew.

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