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What to Consider Before Deciding on a Stairlift

Once you have decided that you need a stairlift, there are few important things that you need to consider. One of the most important factors is where the stairlift is going to go. Different stairlifts work better outside than others, so it’s crucial to know where you need them installed before deciding on the right one.

What Kind of Stairway?

Stairways are never built exactly the same. With all of the different configurations, it’s important to find a lift that works with yours.

  • Curved staircases: A special stairlift is necessary to handle the curvature of the staircase. The unique specifications make it harder to install and more expensive.
  • Landings: These are also harder to install and are more expensive because the lift has to be customised to handle the landing.
  • Straight staircases: These lifts are the easiest and cheapest to install. They require a straight staircase with no landings or obstructions.

Stairlift Durability

Not all stairlifts are created equal, so some are going to be more durable than others. Whether you are purchasing or doing a stair lift rental in Kidderminster, you want one that is going to hold up under regular use. Most standard chairs can handle normal lifting weights, while a heavy-duty chair comes with a wider seat and a heavier lifting capability.

Stairlift Options

While the railing isn’t customisable, you have the choice of several different options for the chair itself. For example, you can choose from a stationary or swivel seat, upholstery or vinyl, folding footrest, and more. With the railing, you can have it painted to match your walls or you can opt for folding rails.

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