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Tips to Digitally Improve Your Photos

The human brain can more quickly comprehend images than texts. For this reason, the art of taking photos will never grow old. A picture can communicate a lot of in-depth description and also provide context to a story. The importance of images requires that they are taken correctly and edited to create a realistic and engaging finish. These are some of the ways you can digitally improve your photobooks.

What is digital photo editing software?

The growth of technology like social media allows people to share their experiences online with friends and family through photos. This practice has created the need for perfect-looking images that better convey the intended message. A digital photo editing software allows you to edit and customize a photo to create a realistic and engaging finish. This tool is a practical way for the not-so-great photo takers that want to turn their mediocre pictures into professional-looking ones.

·  Adjusting the horizon

A picture contains a lot of information. For this reason, slanting the horizon can be distracting, thus removing the attention on the parts that matter. The best way to achieve a straight horizon is to hold your camera level. However, in case you forget to do that because you were busy with other features, like zoom, speed, or shutter, digital graphic software can help you edit the horizon. All you need to do is to rotate the image and straighten the horizon by realigning it. When you are done, remember to crop and save your image.

·   Cropping

This feature helps improve composition by eliminating background clutter and making the critical defining features of the specific photo you are editing stand out. This refocusing feature allows turning the viewer’s attention towards a particular object of interest while giving the editor a choice to shape the image to its preferred size.

· Blurring

This editing tool helps divert attention from what is of minor importance to scenes that define the picture. There are various types of blur to use depending on the effect you hope to achieve, with the main subject remaining on harp focus. Blurring images can also hide specific information that you may not want to be known to viewers.

· Removing red-eye

Red-eye is an annoying effect that occurs due to flash reflection off the back of the eye due to being near the lens when taking a portrait picture. The easiest fix is zooming in the image and using black o grey to cover the red pixels. However, there is advanced software that automatically eliminates red-eye for the picture to look more realistic.

· Digital filters

The human eye cannot adjust color to suit lighting conditions. Changing your device’s built-in white balance settings can only help so much. Digital filters help to counteract color in specific scenes by waring or cooling using orange or blue, respectively. Filters enhance the appearance of pictures, making them appealing and more realistic.

Suppose you are looking for a way to edit your photos and make them look more professional. In that case, the Mixbook photo editing tool contains a wide range of features that can help you customize your photos to create perfect-looking images for your photobook. 

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