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Seven Must-Haves To Start Your Home Gym

Leading a healthier life is the most recurrent purpose, including giving up bad habits such as smoking or poor diet and incorporating other positive ones such as physical exercise. That’s why gyms fill up in January and as summer approaches, but many of the new visitors disappear a few weeks later. Maybe laziness has something to do with it, but so does our busy schedules. An exciting option is to set up a home gym, a proposal that will require some investment and available space to carry it out. With a home gym, there are no more excuses.

Surely you think that this can be expensive, but you’re mistaken, if we choose and choose well what we need, we can assemble a home gym in the most economical and complete as possible, here we tell you what equipment is essential to buy.

  1. A mat

A mat is a must for stretching, yoga, pilates, abdominal exercises, etc. With a rug, we will protect our muscles from the floor’s hardness (and coldness), providing some cushioning. The mats are an indispensable element, affordable, and take up very little space since they can be rolled up.

Keep in mind that not all mats are the same. For example, if your idea is to use it for yoga or pilates, it is recommended that it is a thin mat with non-slip relief and easy to clean.

If the idea is to do fitness and training in general, it is better to use a slightly thicker mat.

  1. Elastics with tensions

The essential par excellence in performing a multitude of exercises for large muscle groups in strength routines. Horizontal and vertical thrusts such as the classic chest and shoulder presses, and pull-ups such as rows of all types. This set is one of the most complete and includes five resistance bands with different colors and tensions. In addition, it incorporates two padded handles, two ankle straps, a door anchor, and a carrying bag.

  1. An Olympic bar and weight sets

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on them; online, you can find great weight sets that will help you develop the strength of your muscles. But, no, the exercises you can perform with them go beyond deadlifts, so don’t hesitate to buy them.

  1. Rope

Jumping rope is one of the classic cardiovascular workout exercises recommended by experts, so much so that it is still used in boxing, CrossFit, and a multitude of training routines.

  1. Pull-up bar (60-100 cm)

Pull-ups are favorite exercises for those who practice sports at home and work many parts of the body. This bar to be placed on door frames is the ideal option to achieve the most similar scenario to a gym. This model has a secure fastening system and a non-slip padded rubber surrounding the bar. Suitable for people weighing up to 100 kilograms.

  1. Russian weights

A squat or deadlift can be the best exercise for functional training because they improve precisely that, essential body functions such as sitting, squatting, and deadlifting. The kettlebell is ideal for such basic exercises as a goblet squat, perfect for the legs.

  1. Bulgarian bag

A beneficial element to gain speed, resistance, and muscular power in fitness exercises is the Bulgarian bag. We can hold a bag in our hands to perform squats and deadlifts, push press, press, rowing, curl, pullover.

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