Business is booming.

How to Turn Pottery into Money

Are you an artist looking for a sustainable business? Then pottery designs may be the right niche for you. You can get the chance to show off your artworks to the whole community. Here are ways to start selling your pottery designs

Estimate a price for your pottery art

The first thing you should ask yourself is “If I was a buyer, how much would I be willing to pay for this?” This question is essential in evaluating the quality of your pottery art so you can create an estimated value in the market. Consumers love to buy things for a low price and will bargain their way to get a price that suits their budget.

If you are unsure about the pricing of your artwork, then you can have your clients offer a price based on their evaluation on the quality of your products. If you feel confident about your art style and that it can match top-quality works of other pottery artists, then have an art expert evaluate and price your pottery art.

Get discounted materials

If you want to generate a suitable profit, then try to purchase your art materials and pots for a discounted price. Discounts usually apply during sales or if you buy them in bulk. You can look online for wholesale pottery suppliers and get a total of five to ten per cent off from your total purchase. Art materials, on the other hand, are usually discounted through sales and store bargains. Get a decent quality paint that will surely stick to the surface of the pot you’re painting. Pots come in different types of materials, so you must research what kind of paint works on a specific material. Buying low and selling high is an essential strategy, especially for startup businesses. You need to calculate a threshold for the amount of money you need to achieve per week. This will serve as your capital if you want to run a long-term pottery business

Make a promising design

Everyone has their art style and design choice. To come up with the right design, you need to think about the target market that you will be catering to. It would help if you had a wide variety of designs and styles. In this way, you will be able to satisfy a broad demographic with different preferences. Designing a product will have its ups and downs. It would help if you had an open mind to accept mistakes. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment if someone dislikes your design pattern. Keep on creating masterpieces, and in the long run, people will be drawn to your type of art style.

You can never rush real art. It takes hard work, confidence and patience to make perfect pottery artwork. Don’t get to clouded by the sense of making money, enjoy what you do in the process as well. Keep feeding your passion, and in no time you’ll be living the dream through your pottery design business.



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