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How to measure road bike handlebars?

In developing countries, motorcycles have very specific purposes. They are primarily used as a mode of transportation and rarely for sport or recreation. The vast majority of riders do not wear any kind of protective gear when riding, so the importance of finding a safe and comfortable fit while minimizing injuries is vital. This group would be classified as new or novice riders who choose to ride in an upright position with their hands resting at the widest part of the bars whereas more experienced riders may prefer a forward lean with their hands placed closer to the end of the motorcycle handlebars.

Some factors to consider when measuring handlebar height are the ergonomics of the motorcycle itself and the riding posture of the rider. The best fit for any motorcycle is one where both feet can rest flat on the ground while seated, with no uncomfortable bending of the knees or leaning forward beyond a safe range. It is also important to realize that most motorcycles will be limited in their ability to adjust handlebars as they come pre-manufactured by the manufacturer based on the average sizes they have measured thus far. One important factor to keep in mind is that no matter what motorcycle you have, if it’s comfortable for you then chances are others may find it too narrow or too wide causing discomfort during handling. Handlebars are the essential bike accessories that can vary from street bikes to dirt or dual-sport motorcycles, so it’s important to choose a comfortable fit for you.

How to measure road bike handlebars

To determine appropriate handlebar height, use the following instructions:

  • Measure your current motorcycle’s handlebars from the center of the clamping area of each stem down to where you would like your handlebar to end where they meet the grips.
  • Subtract 6”-10” from this number depending on how upright you prefer to be while riding. Note that most motorcycles will have limited adjustability in the bars, so it may come down to which grip location is further out or closer in toward the rider.
  • Use this distance and divide by 2 in order to determine your ideal center of clamping area for your new handlebars in order to help line up the controls in a comfortable position for you. For example, if using 24” wide handlebars at an upright position, you would need a 12” center of clamping area located above where the grips are attached.

The formula to measure is :

(Length of current motorcycle bars) – (Length you would like your new handlebars to be) = Ideal length to subtract from measurements above.

Dividing by 2 will give you the center of the clamping area, which is where you want your controls aligned.

  • Find a stem that has a center of clamping area measurement as close as possible to the ideal distance for your new handlebar measurements.
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Motorcycle handlebars are the mount used to hold onto while riding, they can be made of plastic or metal. When measuring for new handlebars it is important to keep in mind that certain motorcycles will not have much adjustability in their mounting points.

Things to consider when buying a new handlebar for your bike

If possible test-fit your current handlebars on your bike before purchasing a new set to make sure they fit correctly and consider the following steps:

1: First you must determine the right width that will best fit your hand size and most importantly your personal preference. It is very important when choosing a width for bars to understand what kind of bike you are using them with. For smaller bikes, such as 50cc scooters, wide bars may need to be avoided unless you are an experienced rider due to comfort, whereas large/wide bars are recommended for more powerful bikes.

2: Next you must determine how high or low you want your handlebars to sit on the front fork assembly. This is an important step because depending on the level of adjustment available on your bike it may limit where you can place the center section of the handlebars. For example, most new 125cc-650cc motorcycles have little adjustability in the stock mounting points so it is best to choose a height that will fit correctly with these dimensions rather than trying to adjust them afterward.

3: After choosing width and height it’s important to look at all possible angles of view when determining which bar style would be best for you. The most common types include riser, flat, clip-on, and triple clamp.

4: We recommend that you measure the distance between your front fork tubes to find what type of handlebar clamps will fit best. This will ensure a proper fitment when ordering new bars especially considering most motorcycles have little adjustability in this area.

5: You must know how wide your handlebars are at their widest point, if they are boxed or milled, before choosing new ones because it makes a huge difference in both appearance and strength of the completed components.

6: One last step to make sure everything fits correctly is verifying the diameters of your current risers/mounting points on your bike are correct for the size you choose while checking to see if there is any interference with other parts on your motorcycle.

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