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How To Ensure That Your Car Remains Safe While In Transit?

Shipping your car from one location to another is no doubt a daunting task. There can be many risks associated with theft, accidents, missing personal items, and damage. You can minimize all such risks by ensuring that your car remains safe by choosing the right kind of transport for relocating your car.

Kind of transport

When it comes to the safety of your car, you cannot take chances with the kind of transport you choose. It can be an open or enclosed carrier on which your car will be loaded along with other vehicles.

The open carrier will be less expensive than an enclosed one but the latter offers better protection from weather, dust, and damages during transit due to:

  • Nylon straps
  • Wheel nets
  • Higher ground clearance
  • Walls of the enclosed carrier

Hiring a transport company

Research well before hiring a reliable vehicle shipping company to avoid the risk of safety hazards and doing business with fraudulent companies. One of the best vehicle shipping companies that you can rely on in any condition is Ship A Car, Inc. which has been safely transporting personal and business vehicles for more than a decade. Start by getting an immediate quote from their website or call them directly to speak with a transport specialist and get answers to all your queries.

Every transport matters to them, whether big or small and they deliver top quality customer service, creating trust and maintaining good communication at every step of the transport process. Their main goal is to take away all your concerns, worries, and doubts while shipping your prized possession.

Still, if you have concerns, just follow these tips to reduce your risk of safety hazards.

Check for authentication

Avoid falling prey to fraudster transport companies.

  • Check their MC number (Motor Carrier Number) assigned by the FMCSA
  • This ensures that the transport company is properly licensed and insured
  • You can also check the company’s records.

Go through the reviews

Read the online reviews carefully before choosing any car transport service.

  • Avoid choosing a company that has a red flag
  • Complaints like car damage, missing personal items or driver not showing up indicate that the company is not reliable.

Beware of the price quotes

Get several quotes before selecting one company.

  • You can negotiate the shipping cost
  • You can identify the red flags
  • Avoid doing business with companies that charge two or three times more or too less than other shipping companies
  • Compare the quotes and ask for more discounts.

Prepare your car for transport

  • Remove any kind of personal items from the car
  • Get a tune-up to folding the side mirrors
  • Deactivate electronic devices
  • Inspect your car properly before it gets loaded and after unloading
  • In both cases, sign a bill of lading that describes the condition of the car
  • Ensure you file a claim and mention in the paper if the vehicle gets damaged during transit.

Shipping your car is usually safe only if you carefully consider the kind of transport company you are dealing with.

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