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Essential stationery items every student must have

One of the biggest joys of going back to school is having new subjects, new friends, new desks, and new books! As kids grow and finish each year, their subjects tend to become more in-depth and children require more stationery items than ever before! These include a tonne of new notebooks, pens, and other things. It is important to be prepared for school with every important stationery item so that kids never miss an opportunity to learn new things.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve made a list of some essential stationery items that every school-going kid will need if they want to experience school fully! All of these products are easily available in stores and you can buy this stationery online too!


Books are the first and foremost part of the study life. It is very important to find good notebooks that have good quality paper and are long enough for notes. Most school subjects require a lot of notetaking hence it is better to buy thick notebooks with enough pages. For easier subjects with lesser notes, small notebooks can be used too!

Pens and refills

Ballpoint pens are the best for quick notes made in a hurry. Gel pens are neater and give way to some beautiful handwritten notes. Having a good stock of pens is important as writing is step one in studying! Even while practising and revising, it is better to write down things for better memory retention. Hence, always have a good set of pens and have a few refills handy!

Pencils, Sharpener and Erasers

As kids grow older, pencils are used on lesser occasions, but pencils make for good markers in textbooks, for easy lines and organisation of notes. They also are amazing while doodling or writing rough notes! With a pencil, it is important to also carry a sharpener and eraser so that you can always rewrite with the sharpest


A diary is one of the best things to keep as a child. Diary writing is a great habit to have. It not only makes every day more accountable but makes children find an emotional outlet and record their days. Diary writing also improves handwriting sometimes!

Geometry box and Graph books

As Math becomes tougher, kids will require additional items for their regular math class. One of them is a geometry box. A geometry box consists of mechanical items like a protractor, a scale, and a compass. These are particularly used while learning Geometry! Another item to have around is a graph book. This book is filled with graph sheets and tables which makes learning and charting graphs easy!

Practical books

One of the most important items for science students is practical books. These come in a particular format that makes writing lab records easy! These books are best to note down experiments in chemistry, physics and biology labs!

Sketch pens and crayons

Sketch pens and crayons are the best for colouring and decorating projects, especially on chart paper or project paper. They add the much-needed colour to notes and make ideas more presentable. Using crayons and sketch pens is always fun too and make studying a happy activity!

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