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Concrete Floor, Not Only Durable But Beautiful

Concrete is a coating composed of granules, sand, and mortar (cement), a mixture to which any pigment can be added to give color to the floor. It is a mortar that adheres to different substrates: wood, cement, tiles. However, to achieve an optimal result, these supports must be completely smooth without holes, gaps, or cracks. It is essential to know what type of substrate will determine the concrete application technique.

It has become more and more fashionable to decorate with concrete materials, creating bedside tables, sommeliers, wall coverings, bathroom sinks, showers. It is a widely used element that offers an industrial finish to any room in which it is used.

The most usual is concrete as pavements or concrete floor coating Chicago under an apparent industrial influence. They have been designed and installed for industrial areas where there is high traffic and a need to withstand heavy loads. However, they have made a niche in the world of decoration. In addition to offering these industrial aesthetics, they provide some attractive qualities. It is worth noting the growing use of cement floors, especially micro cement and polished concrete, in rural and traditional environments, where they offer an excellent pairing with wood.

Cement and concrete floors are already typical as decorative elements. The types of concrete that exist are:

  • Waxed concrete: it is obtained by flattening a tinted mineral mortar. After drying, the surface is waxed with resin that will waterproof and polish the floor.
  • Varnished concrete: unlike waxed concrete, which is flattened and then worked, varnished concrete is coated with a specific varnish after drying.
  • Ironed concrete: this type of finishing can be done manually, provided that a small area is being worked on. If this is not the case, a machine called a “helicopter” should be used. It is essential to know that the smoother the floor, the shinier it will be. Or you can harden it with a specific solution for this result.

To achieve a spectacular concrete floor, there are two solutions:

  1. Precast concrete tiles that can be installed as if they were tiling: the “tiling.”
  2. Cast concrete, which is a layer of concrete, must harden at a regular rate. The ambient temperature of the room must be stable and must not be close to 0°. Concrete solidifies pretty quickly, but sometimes you have to wait up to a month for the installation to be perfect.

The advantages of concrete floor coating in Chicago include their enormous strength and durability. To which should be added the wide variety of colors that can be achieved thanks to the use of all kinds of pigments and different types of textures or finishes.

  • They are highly resistant. Otherwise, they would not be used in industrial environments. Therefore, there should be no problem in this regard in the domestic environment.
  • Properly cared for, their durability is unparalleled.
  • Easy to care for and clean. You can use a neutral soap for scrubbing, and little more can be said about daily cleaning. As far as maintenance is concerned, it is advisable to seal the surface periodically to prevent possible stains from penetrating. This is especially important in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • They offer versatility. If you get bored of their aesthetics after some time, they are the ideal surface to install other types of flooring such as laminate or vinyl.
  • Variety of Colors and Textures. Although we are accustomed to relating the cement floors and concrete with the classic gray, today does not have to be so. Pigments can be used to achieve practically any color, and the use of varnishes or resins allows glossy, matte, or satin finishes. In terms of texture, they can be polished to achieve a smooth and shiny finish, create a mosaic effect, rough, etc.

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