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Building Your Own Home Vs. Buying Off The Shelf

When you buy an ‘off the shelf’ home, it certainly is a much more straight forward process and, if coupled with the task of moving, which is, for many people, one of the most stressful things to do, you might be asking yourself why people would choose to build their own home. Well, you’d only have to look at some comparisons, and speak with people who have gone through the process, and they would likely confirm the following.

Freedom of choice

Whilst you might think that having too many choices could be a burden, as long as you choose your builder carefully you should find that they will assist you in narrowing down your options to ensure that you are able to make the most suitable decisions when it comes to products and materials. With that in mind, having the freedom of choice opens a whole new world of opportunity and will grant you the very thing that you simply won’t get if you do choose to buy an ‘off the shelf’ home.

Less stress in the future

People who have gone down the route of building a custom house (called แบบบ้านสร้างเอง in Thai) usually find that they have less stress in the future because, as time passes, they don’t need to make alterations to their home, or to go in search of a new home that has what they need. For most people that buy an ‘off the shelf’ home they make their purchase based on what they need, at that point in time and, even if they make their purchase with the future in mind, there are far more limitations when it comes to planning and design.

Better peace of mind

All in all, for those that choose to build a custom home, they find that they have much better peace of mind, over time. Mainly because they have chosen everything that goes into their home, or they have had the helping hand, along the way, of builders with years of experience who have helped them to make their choices. When you are able to have a direct say regarding how many rooms your home has, what it looks like, and how it makes you feel, you will feel a sense of achievement, a sense of well-being and a feeling of being proud of what you have accomplished.

Choice of builder matters

Although it might seem like a no-brainer to jump in headfirst and start looking into designing and building your own home, as mentioned above, you will need to employ a builder to build your dream home for you. Your choice of builder will absolutely have a massive part to play in how your experience goes, as such be sure to do your homework and always consider what you’ll need in the future.


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