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Aren’t we all already aware of the increase in air pollution these days? Indoor air is thus as polluted as the air outside, which puts humans at risk of getting a number of ailments.

This necessitates the use of air purifiers in the indoor surroundings. An air purifier thus features clear and consistent airflow, circulating clean air in the environment.

The filters present in the air purifier filter the indoor air and purifies it, removing all particles of pollution left in the air. Air purifiers can thus refresh stale air and reduce the chances of getting health issues like respiratory infections, asthma, pulmonary diseases etc.

The main con of air purifiers is, that they are portable devices and can be used all day, although using the purifier all day is completely your choice. Thus, using an air purifier will help you breathe cleaner and pollutant-free air sitting right at your home or office.

Wondering how to find the best air purifier for you? Jump on to the next paragraph!

Figure out your needs

It is necessary to know the purpose, as to why you need an air purifier. Air purifiers available in the market today are designed for various purposes. In case of any allergies or asthma, there are air purifiers that are specifically designed to remove indoor allergens. You can also choose a general air purifier that purifies air removing air pollutants. Choosing one amongst them depends on your needs and requirements.

Size of the air purifier

Considering the size of your room will help you pick the right choice of air purifier. For general use, small air purifiers are ideal for room sizes up to 299 square feet. However, air purifiers also come in the size of whole-house models exceeding 1900 square foot. Therefore, the size of the air purifier is a matter of personal preference.

Features the air purifier offers

Due to technological advancement, recent air purifiers come with a set of features like wi-fi air purifiers or air quality indicators etc. It is therefore, necessary to note that in order to save money and conserve energy look for air purifiers that are Energy-star rated by the EPA. Other features that you can look for in an air purifier are caster wheels, handles, remote controls, filter change indicators etc.

Keep in mind the factor of maintenance

Air purifiers surely do need maintenance. Replacing air filters with time is a must to run the air purifier efficiently. Filters also come in a variety of HEPA, Carbon, Pre-filters etc. The highest among them is the HEPA filters that last about one year and are also on considerable use of the purifier. Keeping in mind the maintenance and cost of the purifier you can list out possible options for you and hence choose the best one.

ACH and CADR ratings

ACH refers to the number of times an air purifier can recirculate the polluted air in the room, in light of this, the higher the ACH rating, the better will be the performance of your air purifier. Whereas, CADR refers to clean air delivery rate, the rating system of CADR is similar as in the case of ACH. Ensuring these two factors will help you figure out the best choice of air purifier and will worth every penny.

Similar to air purifiers are air conditioners, but the latter being more versatile in terms of features and efficiency is usually preferred in every household. Air conditioners are much alike air purifiers but air purifiers don’t necessarily offer cool air in return.

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