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4 Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Dance Floors

At a wedding, the best memories are often made after the ceremony is over – on the dance floor. So, what does this mean for event planners, event venues, and party rental firms?

If you want to entice people to buy your services, you must offer a portable dance floor as part of your rental package.

And yes, having these on your inventory demonstrates your expert foresight and versatility. It also shapes the guest’s experience by giving them a fun and exciting outlet for them to dance their evening or night away.

Other than weddings, portable dance floors are also used in graduations, family reunions, and other special events. Therefore, if you manage these events, here are a few factors to consider when buying the portable floor.

1.   Design Durability

A wooden portable dance floor is the most popular. It guarantees safety, durability, performance, and portability.

Remember, dancers will interact with this flooring than any other part of the performance space. And yes, the dancers must trust the surface completely. But why wood flooring?

It has a shock-absorbing surface that avoids or reduces the severity of injuries. It also has the right amount of friction which gives the traction necessary to avoid accidental slips and falls.

But that’s not all! A hardwood dance floor is highly durable and aesthetically appealing.

2.   Ease of Use

For event planners and event venues, portability is everything. That’s why most dance floors are designed in a way that allows for an easy setup and takes down. The flexibility here results in a greater return on investment.

Thanks to technology, portable dance floors with magnetic locks and easy to handle panels are set up 90 percent faster than a dance floor that requires screws for assembly.

3.   Safe for Guests and Employees

Safety is a major consideration when shopping for a portable dance floor. A high-quality portable dance flooring is built to last for many years. Therefore, it should guarantee safety to the employees when they’re setting it up, taking it down, and transporting it from one venue to the other.

And yes, the same flooring should have the necessary specifications like necessary shock absorption that prevents injuries on the dancefloor.

4.   The Dancefloor Finish

Well, the type of portable dance floor finish is dependent on where you intend to use the flooring. For instance, are you going to use it indoors or outdoors only? Maybe you want to use the flooring on either indoor or outdoor cases.

When using it outdoor, consider other factors like rain and excessive sunlight. Therefore, ensure that the floor is capable of withstanding these adverse weather conditions.


Hosting a safe and unique event is one of the ways in which event venues and party rental firms generate their income. And the portable dance floor is the main ingredient in this. It helps minimize expenses while maximizing the facility offerings and bookings. For this reason, event planners and event venues need a dance floor that’s easy to set up and remove and one that’s highly durable to last for a long period.  

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